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Sunday, June 12, 2011

P is for Procrastination

Are you a procrastinator?  I am.  I admit it.  It's awful.  A couple of months ago I started thinking about making my summer vacation plans.  I researched a couple of small tour operators, I looked into flights and buses and trains.  And I booked nothing.  Partly because I was waiting for the next seat sale.  It came and went.  And so did another one.  And still I couldn't commit.  Am I afraid of commitment?  Well, yes and no.

I've been working a lot lately.  And I have had my eyes on the prize--that being exploring a part of the country I haven't yet been.  Sigh.  If everything worked out I was going to check out Moose Travel Network (East) and Salty Bear Adventure Travel--both look like they would be a blast.  And now Air Canada may be about to strike.  I've spent some time on a picket line myself so I am not enamored with the idea of crossing one.  I'll fly Air Canada again once things are resolved.  In the meantime I am sort of glad I'm a procrastinator.  Usually it seems to work in my favor.  Maybe I'll find a fantastic last minute getaway instead.

For now my summer getaway is back at square one...oh well.  Guess I should start thinking about booking the time off....
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