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Links I Love!

Looking to do a link exchange--contact me.

Keep coming back for more of my favorite sites.  Here are a few to get you started:

Travel sites:

Journeywoman - this site was invaluable when I was planning my first solo trip.  Great information for female travellers especially.  For bonus points this site is by a fellow Canadian.

Bugbitten - a site for finding tours

Trail of Ants - home of the T-Bag (Travel Blog Directory), fun site, 'nuff said

Spunky Girl Monologues - Pamela is a fellow Albertan and has embarked on a RTW trip starting in Asia, check her site out

Border Jumpers and Nourishing the Planet - Bernard and Danielle's site where they are blogging about their experiences in Africa

Nomadic Matt - fun site with travel tips and guides, another favorite

Travel Junkie Julia - Canadian Travel writer Julia Dimon's site, I've enjoyed her writing for some time and more recently the show Word Travels in which she teamed up with fellow writer Robin Esrock

Modern Gonzo - I've also been reading Robin Esrock's work for years--his story is a big inspiration for me.

Cumi & Ciki - food and travel site--I ran across it because they linked to me--thanks guys and consider the favor returned!

Permanent Traveler - travel blog written in Japanese

Art of Backpacking - focused on backpacking and budget travel--some great posts here!

Where is Jenny? - Jenny is a graphic designer who works from wherever she is and is currently planning an indefinite trip

If you find a link to your site here please consider linking back.  Thanks!
More coming soon!
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