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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vacation is over . . .but a new year brings new adventures

Well adventures may not be the correct word for it but our Christmas vacation is over and that means back to work, school or whatever! The time off is never long enough. All the challenges of the new year loom--the resolutions you made and have already broken, the Christmas bills arriving in your mailbox in January and for me the prospect of a new job (or maybe even career). We will see how it goes, but I think things are starting off well. For the next while I may only be an armchair traveler.

As for our first ever poll entitled "Where would you spend your Christmas vacation given the choice?" the results were fairly evenly split. Here they are:

33% of you would choose to stay at home with friends and family
22% would join me on that beach in Mexico
0% want to spend Christmas with faraway friends and relations and
44% would love to be exploring somewhere new

As for me, the Mexican beach option is great affordable choice for those in North America and it would also fulfill option number 4 as being somewhere new, but it wouldn't be my choice every year--it would be fun to do it once though. I would definitely vote for exploring somewhere new! Thanks to all nine of you who voted ;)

The possibilities are endless and I hope you all find yourself somewhere exciting in the year to come! Happy travels!

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