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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gearing Up for a Great Canadian Summer!

For the better part of the year my country is cold.  I mean really cold.  I moaned about it last winter and come next winter I am sure I will again.  I love my country---but I hate it's winter weather.  So for Canadians the warm kiss of the breeze on a summers day is precious.  It's why when it's 15 C in early spring (and a week ago it was -15 C) you will see people roaming around in shorts and a T-shirt.  And sandals.  Mind you I'm not one of those people.  I run cold and if I'm in shorts the weather is definitely warm.

A summer day in Canada?  It could be but no this is Scotland!
It is only recently that spring has come and I am already working on summer plans.  And this summer I have decided that its all about Canada.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  Canada is a HUGE country.  I've been fortunate to have traveled throughout quite a bit of it but there are provinces I still haven't visited. I also am not in a position to be able to take too much time off at once and for some of the places I also want to go I just can't justify the airfare if I'm going to whip through in a week or two.  So what a perfect reason to explore a little more of the place I call home.  My plans aren't yet written in stone yet but the name of the game is go somewhere new.  

I've traveled both solo and in groups before and I certainly like the group dynamic, especially when I am not going to be in one place very long so I have decided to look into a couple of small Canadian tour companies operating in Eastern Canada.  The master plan if it works out is to join a group with one or both companies and blog about my experiences on the road.  In the coming days I am hoping to see what I can arrange.  

In the meantime I am also looking forward to exploring a little more of my own backyard as a long lost friend returns to visit.  My friend Y was an exchange student at my high school when I was in grade 11. We lost touch when she returned home but I thought of her often.  Then a few months ago she found me on Facebook.  I was so excited to hear from her.  She is coming back to visit for a few weeks this summer and I am super excited to take the opportunity to visit a few of the local attractions as we have this chance to take a walk down memory lane.

So it's shaping up to be a great Canadian summer.  Looking forward to sharing more!  Have you got some suggestions of where I should go in eastern Canada?  Leave me your comments!


  1. There are a lot of things that you can do in Canada. I want to visit Manitoba and Ontario.

  2. As for your Canada summer vacation, I would suggest to do hiking. For an extended hike through the alpine with good views and wildflower displays, take the bus to to the sunshine village.


  3. I've spent a good deal of time traveling in Canada, especially west of Ontario. I am looking forward to seeing new parts of the country, particularly the maritimes!


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