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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

T is for Travel Blogger?

So I've been absent for a while.  I'm sorry.  I really am.  Real life has been my focus lately but I have still got my eyes on the prize.  The prize being the next trip.

I've been working on improving my health and fitness level--which needs to happen if I am to tackle a couple of trips on my bucket list down the road--the Inca Trail and Kilimanjaro.  I'm working hard at my job and working a extra hours both because I want to see the business I work for succeed and the few extra dollars can be added to my travel fund.  I'm continuing to live with less and save more instead.

Several of the places I've been or have been hoping to visit have been hit with disaster or unrest in the last few months.  I can only hope that things will improve and the people of all of these places will recover and prosper.  And that I will get the opportunity to visit someday.

I've been questioning whether I can call myself a "travel blogger" lately.  I've barely been blogging let alone traveling.  I want to be doing of these things but there are only so many hours in a day.  And dollars in my bank account.  I'm on a bit of a break from traveling but there are still many stories to tell from my previous adventures and hopefully many more adventures yet to come.

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