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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreams of my Nation

One goal in a hockey game made the dreams of my nation come true.

One medal made Olympic history for us. And we as a nation are changed forever.

When these games began over two weeks ago the focus was on the Own the Podium program, and the medal count. When they ended tonight however the focus had changed. The program was a success but not in the way we had planned. While Canada did not lead the medal count in the end they triumphed in other ways. The performance of our athletes and Vancouver as the host city for these games did our country proud. I cannot express what these games have made me feel but in many ways it was not an experience I was prepared for. I did however read a blog today that said what I would like to be able to say entitled, "The Games That Changed A Nation." I couldn't say it any better. Dreams are not realized without some loss and some heartache and our athletes won a hard fought contest. They have proven both to us and the rest of the world that they can stand among giants on the world stage and not only compete, but win.

Some of you may be wondering why I am writing about the Olympics since this is in fact meant to be a travel blog. This is why. Every two years the world comes together in a new place in the world to experience the games. Competitors from all over come for the games as well as the party. But friends and family and other supporters who might never travel to some of the places the games are being held travel for that reason. And I am sure many of them are inspired. They visit one city in a country they never planned to travel to and catch that travel bug. And left behind after the games is each city's Olympic legacy. Just another reason to visit. So wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you are inspired to share a little piece of your nation with the world. I am proud of my nation--I hope that you are too. So catch that travel bug and get out and explore the world!

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