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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feeding the bug without leaving home

I've only been back in Canada for a few months and I am ready to go again. There is just so much of the world still to see! Right now though, I am not in any position to do any globe trotting. I need to stay in one place for a while. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't rather be traveling--given the option I wouldn't stop. Once I find a way to travel more than I am at home and still have a steady income I will be doing just that. In the meantime however I have to find other ways to feed my travel bug. This is what I am doing to keep it happy:

1. talk to everyone and anyone about travel, where they have been, where you have been, what they loved and hated about being away, sometimes living vicariously through others is the best way to deal
2. research and plan for the next trip (or trips)-this means there is still light at the end of the tunnel, it is a goal you are working towards
3. be an armchair traveler by reading books-those about travel and even fiction set in the exotic or even familiar locales that you would like to be in
4. watch a movie or three set somewhere you see yourself visiting in the future
5. visit your favorite ethnic restaurant and explore the food of somewhere you have visited or hope to, Greek food anyone?
6. go exploring in your own backyard--you would visit museums and markets and other new places when you visit a new city, so why do not do the same at home
7. writing about your experiences, both the ones you've had and the one's you hope to have, hopefully you will inspire someone else to do the same!

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