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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great Debate...

I've been getting itchy feet lately.  It's almost been a year since I've been back home and I am feeling like its time for a new adventure.  So the great debate begins.  Where do I go next?

The possibilities are endless and I found myself at a travel show last month checking out some options.  My problem is at least for the meantime I have already been to many of the places I had hoped to see but there are still too many more.

So at present the top contenders are:

1. Peru--I have always wanted to see Macchu Picchu so it's still on my list.
2. Australia and NZ--I have met many awesome people from this part of the world and I would love to visit and explore where these people have come from.
3. Japan--The culture, food and history fascinate me--what better reason to visit somewhere is that?
4. Mexico--I've never been on a "beach vacation".  Maybe its time I start.  Plus there are great ruins and its warm there when its cold at home.

And now I ask you, dear readers to give me your two cents.  Where do you think I should go next and why?  Please vote and share your opinion!

Next post:  my Old and New and Improved Travel Bucket Lists!

Until then, happy traveling!

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